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Who said…

Who said
all millennials
are the same?
Surely we are not.
Not every mind
matches that
of another mind
Not every person
shares the same
viewpoint in life
regardless of
one’s own age
and society.
Sure, there are
those who
may choose to
share similar views
and those who
are so enamored
with the social platform
and technological muse.
although the wonders
in the 21st century
have captivated us all,
some classified as millennials
may in fact be
behaving differently.
Some do not use
technology 24/7
and some prefer
a quieter life
than what society
has deemed
a millennial to be.



© 2018 Layla J. Silver


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  • summersetharmony

    Well said. Millennials are a very varied bunch of people (my self included in that :p)

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