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Battered Memory

I can still feel the violence in the air
as my lungs fill with grey toxicity from spluttering ash
falling from the heavens of the earth,
rising like the sun looming over our land of creation
and infecting all those who live with zero remorse,
with a laugh of good faith as tears collide onto the floor
collecting into a river about to overflow
and run across a bloody path from the horrors inflicted
by those who were damaged by the very system
trying to add ointment to this destruction
behaving as if the system was blameless for this pain
I can’t seem to shake despite my strong-willed efforts.



© 2018 Layla J. Silver

Side note: This is a made up poem emphasizing what has been happening here in the U.S. in regards to school shootings and honestly this poem can resonate with many other situations across the world.


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